Literati Bookstore

Neatly written summaries and synopsis’s litter the shelves of Literati Bookstore and it’s wonderful. They provide careful guides on row after row of carefully curated books reflected in the gentle light permeating the shop.

There is a cafe upstairs with a nice cove of children’s books, the cafe is a cafe and has cafe stuff. Basement is all non-fiction, divided into subject (math, history, gender politics) and is nice, dark and moody. Like a basement in a bookstore aught to be. Middle floor is fiction with a simple yet dense layout that allows open discovery and exploration on the variety of book islands.

Known for it’s antique typewriters showcased in the shop, even better there’s usually at least one machine out for curious typers, random prose from has been collected from the public and distributed as printed literature and ‘graffiti’ on the outer walls.

This bookshop was a pleasure to shoot.

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