Bettie’s Pages

Bettie’s Pages is a fantastic lens to see Lowell Michigan through (and honestly, most of Western Michigan). The owner is motivated, organized and resilient and her love for the bookstore pops in every nook and cranny. The bookstore has a defined vision and you can see it reflected in every shelf. It’s exciting to visit a place like this and know that in a short period of time it’ll be expanding (see the chalk board in some of the pics, right behind there is construction). The brick wall accents and contrasts the white of the shelves which lends itself to a stylish composition.

The bookstore itself is only two years old and in it’s second location (the first unfortunately was flooded). The second opening happened right on the onset of the Covid pandemic but the bookstore pivoted to online “Boredom Boxes” and various gift packages (that’s actually how my wife and I heard about the bookstore, gifts for the family). We’re already planning our second visit to Lowell once the expansion is done so I can take some more photos of the planned childrens reading area in the back. If you’d like more information or some great ideas for gifts please visit their website.

Bettie’s Pages

The Books Connection

With a colorful focus on Romance novels, The Books Connection caters to it’s customers like no other bookstore I’ve seen. Offering rentals, curbside delivery and an extra willingness to know each customer’s preference. This small bookstore has been open for 34 years, surviving the likes of Borders and other big box stores. It continues to thrive with it’s connection to it’s community and other independent bookstores in Michigan. It was a pleasure to shoot here and I hope you enjoy.

For more information about this bookstore please visit their website.

Read It Again Books

Read It Again Books has been a mainstay in Novi Michigan for nearly twenty years.  I was happy to find that the owner and staff were warm and open people who graciously allowed me to visit and take photos.  The following is a two part interview (big thanks to Anthony Cojocari who edited them for me) I conducted with the owner as well as some photos.  Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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