Paper Trail Books

Going on 5 years, Paper Trail Books has been part of a new revitalization of bookstores in Michigan (see previous entries on Betties Pages, Library Books). Situated next to Cafe Muse in downtown Royal Oak, down the block from several hipster clothes shops, it’s a fantastic spot for walkins and regulars. The owner, Dave, has a long history with books that starts way back to his earlier days working in several previous bookstores and it shows on everyone of his custom made shelves. It was a delight to walk around the store, with it’s moody lighting, island shelves and gander at his stock. Thanks Dave for letting me in to take pictures! Also thanks to my dear wife Tina for encouraging me to continue with this hobby and taking all the instax photos down below.

You can get more information on this great little bookstore at their website here.

On a personal note, I’ve lined up several more bookstores that I will begin covering in the near future, will try for more updates this year now that covid is…well…is still there but not quite as limiting. 😀

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